A simple (but powerful) money mindset shift

The purpose of this article is to help you shift your mindset on the subject of money. This shift will help you attract more money in your life. It’d simple in concept but takes a little bit of effort and practice.

First, let’s start with the problem. Pretty much everyone wants money and when we try to attract it in our lives, we focus on the dollars we want to attract. While there’s nothing wrong with trying to attract money, there’s a lot of baggage associated with the concept of money.

Let’s face it, we deal with money dozens of times a day. In fact, it’s so ingrained in our every day that we don’t even realize its impact on our lives and the decisions we make. But lots of times those issues have to do with spending money. From transportation to food to paying bills to our mortgage to taxes to paying off debt, money is a loaded subject.

When a subject becomes so ingrained, we can’t help but have negative thoughts about it. And negative thoughts is resistance. And when we have resistance, we hold back whatever it is we want to attract in our lives.

So, unless you already have a lot of money, or have learned to not let the subject of money bother you in any way, a mindset shift is needed.

One shift that helps a lot, is asking yourself why you want the money. Not what you want to buy, but why you want it. “I want money because it will give me freedom and allow me to experience the world through travel and to help others in need and to pursue business opportunities and to have the time to learn whatever I want.”

When you get to the why, you transcend the baggage that comes with money and begin to focus on subjects that carry very little resistance. Think about freedom for example. Imagine the freedom to do whatever you want. The freedom to help yourself and everyone else. The freedom to buy whatever you want to buy. Feel the freedom.

That’s what you want to focus on. The feeling of freedom. The feeling of helping. The feeling of new experiences. When you focus on the feeling you activate the vibration that will guide you to money.

Try this technique and notice how it feels and more importantly see if it helps you in terms of allowing more money in your life. You might be surprised.

If you’re interested in understanding the power of why in general, then check out this video by Simon Sinek.