The secret to continuously good health

The number of exercise programs, diets, health books and health programs are overwhelming. The global health and wellness market is so big, that in 2017 they estimate the market to be a staggering $4.2 TRILLION dollars. That is trillion with a capital T.

With so many options it’s difficult to navigate the industry and know which program, diet or book is best for you. Of course it depends on your goals. Looking to treat diabetes is completely different than losing weight. Dealing with digestive problems is different from building muscles. So, sure the goals help limit your options immensely, but there are still a tonne of options in each area of health.

And then to add to it you have both western and eastern medicine giving you advice. So what is one to do? This post will aim to answer that question. To begin answering it, we have to tackle the issue from a spiritual perspective and consider two different ideas.

The first idea is also the secret to continuously good health. Now, of course, this seems like a large claim. And it is. The idea that you can be continuously healthy through this one thing seems too good to be true. But like everything else in this world you have to dig deeper to truly understand what it means.

So without further ado, the secret to continuously good health is knowing and believing that health and well-being have always been and will continue to stream to you. In other words, we are naturally healthy beings that runs on auto-pilot to keep us healthy.

Our heart pumps blood without any interference from us. Our livers filter blood without any interference from us. Our kidneys balance our body fluids without any interference. Our lungs help us breath without any interference from us. Our digestive track digests food without any interference from us. Our skin completely rejuvenates itself every 27 days. Our bodies naturally heals from cuts and bruises with very little interference from us.

Health and well-being naturally flows to us, all the time. What get’s in the way is our vibration about our health. To understand what that means, read our article on Law of Attraction found in the related posts below. To quickly recap for those who did read it, at our core we’re energy vibrating at different frequencies depending on how we feel and like vibrations attract like vibration. If you feel healthy, you will attract healthy.

The reason why so many people are unhealthy though is because they muck up their vibration by introducing resistance on the subject of health. Lot’s of times unknowingly. For example, there is a direct link between stress and poor health and we allow ourselves to become stressed by external circumstances, when we really don’t have to.

Another example is our ideas around food. From obsessing over weight gain by eating carbs or fat to judging ourselves for liking sweets, our thoughts about food manifests in our bodies.

Another major example is aging and automatically assuming that because we get older, we automatically become unhealthy. Thoughts like our metabolisms slow down, or our bodies begin to break down as we get older are prevalent. All of these thoughts and ideas lead to poor health. We believe it’s our actions (the cheesecake we had) or the external circumstance (work stresses me out), but it’s not. It’s our feelings about it. Always our feelings.

The secret is that health and well-being continuously flow to us, but the reason we don’t experience that is because we’re not allowing it to flow. Which leads to the second idea to consider. Namely, that we have to undo all the psychological damage in order to allow the health and well-being to flow to us.

How? Well, there are many options available to us and each one has a different affect for each person, but namely we need to change our thoughts about health and well-being. But changing our thoughts is a hard process to do on our own. Which, presents two opportunities.

  1. Get help from someone else or through a program or book or guided meditation or hypnosis or any other self-help process.
  2. Take action to improve your health for the express purpose of changing your thoughts about it.

In terms of getting help from someone else or through some self-help process, this can help because many, many others have come before you, have been where you’ve been and have learned how best to change your thoughts on health. These shortcuts can help speed up the amount of time it takes to change your thoughts.

In terms of taking action to improve your health, the options are of course endless. Diets, exercises, programs to target specific ailments, natural remedies and more are all available for you. But their benefits move beyond the biological impact on your body. In fact, their greatest impact is on your state of mind.

Let me explain with an example. Think about what happens in your mind when you embark on an exercise program. Sure there are cause and effect benefits to your body, but there is also a cause and effect benefit to your mind. You’re more confident. You begin to expect changes in your body. You feel more energetic. You feel healthier. And the key here is that it changes how you feel (i.e. the vibration) about your health. That ultimately leads to removing resistance around the health and well-being that consistently is flowing to you.

The point is taking action can affect your vibration in a positive way, leading to the healing that your body needs. It almost doesn’t matter what kind of action you take, though if you want to treat diabetes then of course take action to treat diabetes. What matters more is the impact to your state of mind.

So there you have it. The one secret to continuous health (believing that it’s constantly flowing to you). Of course, as mentioned at the beginning it seems simple on the surface, but really requires a deeper level of understanding. But once you grasp that idea and run with it, you really place yourself in a position to heal.